Toontown Offline: The First Community Opinion Poll
A poll involving a bunch of features that we're working on, as well as frequent community suggested features. It also includes other questions.
What's your name?
How did you hear about Toontown Offline? *
Gameplay Opinions
Which Boss Battle is your most favorite? *
Which Boss Battle is your least favorite? *
What's the reason you chose the two above? *
What's your favorite real-time Boss Battle mechanic? *
How would you rate the different Trolley Games? *
Mixed/No opinion
Not fun
Race Game
Cannon Game
Toon Tag
Match Minnie
Ring Game
Maze Game
Tug of War
Catching Game
Treasure Dive
Toon Slingshot
Toon Memory Game
Jungle Vines
Ice Slide
Cog Thief
Toon Escape
Photo Fun
What's your opinion on Trolley Tracks? *
Upcoming Features/Changes
NOTE: Any of these features/changes can be cancelled at any time.
What's your opinion on the game rebrand? *
How do you feel about Toontown Rewritten assets being removed? *
How do you feel about retro mode being split into a post-2010 version (classic mode) and a pre-2010 version (retro mode)? *
How do you feel about classic and retro modes being both gamemodes and aesthetic features? *
How far should we go in regards to a retro mode gamemode? *
How do you feel about a new, TTC-based area called the "E-vent Zone" being put into the game? *
The E-vent Zone is gonna be a huge street-type area that will consist of features that wouldn't really fit anywhere else in the game. These include unique minigames and more. This area is going to be hosted by a couple of rabbits titularly named "mr e" and "mrs e."
What's your opinion on account passwords? *
How do you feel about a launcher revamp that allows for account profiles? *
An account profile would store a user's username, password, and/or Mini-Server IP of choice so that way they don't have to memorize it for future use. Account profiles aren't required to use.
How do you feel about a revamped Pick A Toon screen for normal mode? *
This proposed Pick A Toon screen would show where the Toon has been last time they were on, and would allow for players to spawn in with a Cog Disguise enabled, a cheesy effect applied, ghost mode enabled (for mods), etc.
How do you feel about a Moderation Page in the Shtickerbook for mods and higher? *
How do you feel about Operation Seek Out Scrooge? *
Current Features
What's your opinion on Cog Disguise footstep sounds? *
How do you feel about the current mess-about features? *
~setCogIndex, ~green, ~setEyes, etc.
How do you feel about Hackerbots? *
How do you feel about custom Cogs? *
How do you feel about custom colors? *
How do you feel about custom SOS cards? *
Frequently Suggested Features
NOTE: There are currently no plans in regards to changing and/or adding the features listed below.
What's your opinion on the current species list? *
What's your opinion on the current Mini-Server player limit? *
Should Boss and Doodle Indexes be able to jump? *
Should we add ~setTableIndex? *
Final Thoughts
Any suggestions for Toontown Offline?
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