SH LChaim Board Application
In order to be on the Shabbos House-L’Chaim board for the 2021-2022 academic year, you must fill out this application. There are two parts of our board – the Executive Board (consisting of an elected President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and a General Board (general board, chosen by the incoming e-board based on this application). From the pool of applicants, the current Shabbos House-L’Chaim board will approve the eligibility of each candidate.
Graduation Year
(Intended) Major/Minor
Are you applying for E-Board or G-Board
Clear selection
If for E- Board, which position are you running for?
If not elected to E-Board position above, do you want to drop down? if yes, to which position? And do you wish to serve on G-Board regardless?
Please tell us about yourself. Include hobbies, interests etc.
What strengths, abilities, talents or experience would you bring to our board? And how would you benefit the board group dynamic?
What are some ways you already contribute to the Shabbos House Lchaim community and atmosphere?
Are there any commitments/conflicts that you are aware of for next year? (Including other orgs, other leadership positions, jobs, internships, residential life, fraternity/sororities, etc.)
Any ideas for the coming year?
If approved/elected, I very much look forward to being invested and involved with SH Lchaim next year! Here are specific areas/activities/programs I hope to be especially involved with:
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