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If you'd like me to sew/knit something for you out of an old garment or reclaimed fabric/yarn, please use this form to describe what you want. You can see the sorts of upcycled projects I've done in the past by viewing the pictures on my Make page, in my gallery and/or what's available at my Bonanza booth.

I've listed items (e.g. gift bags, scrunchies, potholders) that I've made in the past and can make relatively easily. If there is another type of garment or accessory that you'd like, though, please don't hesitate to request it. There are, of course, limitations to what I could make (for instance, I won't make anything that requires an in person fitting.) But if you describe what you want, I can let you know if I can do it for you.

Note: I've listed approximate* prices for one of each item, but you won't pay until I've made and delivered your item. I may offer discounts if you are ordering multiple items. I say "approximate" because price may vary based on variables such as whether or not I have to do seam ripping to "harvest" usable pieces from an old garment, or whether or not I have to purchase additional supplies, etc.

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What type(s) of custom clothing / accessory do you want me to make for you? (You may choose more than one, and/or use "other" to describe something not on the list.) *
Do you want me to use the fabric/yarn that I have on hand, or do you have fabric/yarn/an old garment of your own that you want me to use? *
Please let me know any more details about your idea -- color, size, quantity, style, etc. 
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Sometimes I post photos of customer projects on my website. I don’t post customer names and try to avoid pictures of anyone’s face. If you’d prefer that your items not be featured, select the box to opt out.
Mailing address: If you'd prefer to send/receive your upcycled items by mail rather than pick-up/drop-off, please give me your postal address. 
If you are sending/receiving upcycled items by postal mail, would you like me to email you a USPS shipping label? (You can print at home or at the post office.)
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