Canterbury Cross Country 2020

Saturday 8th August 2020

VENUE: Halswell Quarry, Kennedys Bush Road

For full information go to:

Boys Under 10 2km. 1.05pm Women U18 4km 2.05pm
Girls Under 10 2km 1.05pm Women U20 6km 2.05pm
Boys under 12 2km 1.05pm Open Women 10km 2.05pm
Girls under 12 2km 1.05pm Masters Women 6km 2.05pm
Boys under 16 4km 1.20pm Men U18 6km 2.40pm
Girls under 16 3km 1.45pm Men U20 8km 2.40pm
Boys under 14 3km 1.45pm Open Men 10km 2.40pm
Girls under 14 3km 1.45pm Masters Men 35 - 64 8km 2.40pm
Masters Men 65 - 79 6km 2.40pm
Masters Men 80 & over 4km 2.40pm

Entries Close MONDAY 3rd August at 6PM - No stragglers as I can't guarantee entry after 6pm.
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