WM Book Review 2018
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Terms and Conditions
1) We are looking for honest reviews on Blogs + Goodreads + E commerce websites and sometimes for this website too.
2) Reviewers can select the books they want and fill in their details for further communication.
3) Screening process is conducted basis - Reach, Quality & Frequency of previous posts by the reviewer. So don't loose heart if you don't get the books you really like. And keep reading !
4) We also believe in rewarding the readers for taking out time to read the book & sharing a review. However, please note that this is just a token of appreciation and by no means should be considered a way to influence the reviews.
5) We have a very few & practical Do's & Dont's for the reviewers, so do follow them.
a) Please try to put up the reviews within 15 days of receiving the book.
b) Don’t be a spoil sport – A book is a book. It is either good for you or good for someone else! So, avoid writing off a book completely, criticise only with some logic and not just for the sake of it.
c) Abstain from derogatory remarks and slangs & please don’t give away the suspense or the entire plot (spoilers).
d) Lastly, we believe only 'Honest' people come to writersmelon so we expect you to definitely come back to us with reviews once you get the free book & not disappear completely. You will not receive any book in future.
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