Next Chapter Community Waitlist
**Next community intake will be in June 2022. Please sign up to our waiting list in the meantime and be the first to know about the next round.


Next Chapter is on a mission to bring together the most driven, curious and talented young professionals from around the world to help each other with our ambitious goals.

Despite being incredibly diverse, we hold these 3 values close to our hearts:

- Wildly passionate — You are here for a reason and have relentless focus on the wildest goals. You have a strong conviction that you can leave this planet better than you found it and are determined to be a positive force for good.

- Give more than you take — You are immediately uncomfortable when you take more than what you’ve given. You inherently enjoy helping others and seeing your friends succeed.  

- Radical open-mindedness — You are ready to listen and learn from anyone regardless of their background and aren’t afraid to change your own established world view with new information. You enjoy long conversations with someone who you respectfully disagree with, even about the most abstract and unpractical ideas. Finally, you are comfortable admitting “I don’t know” or “I changed my mind”.

If these values resonate with you, and you are looking for a family of like-minded individuals to embark on your impact-driven career with, we would love to hear from you.
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