2020 eLCC Virtual Conference: Session Proposal
We invite you to submit a session proposal in any of our tracks http://www.elearningcolorado.org/tracks.html for the 2020 eLCC Conference. The 2020 conference is free and open to all educators. We hope you will join us for 3 days of collaboration, technology and learning!

Since we are holding a virtual conference, we will be able to be creative with session types, lengths and tools we use. While we will be offering most sessions over Zoom, we encourage you to consider sessions in other platforms. Please see our conference website for more information on session formats and lengths http://www.elearningcolorado.org/sessions.html

Hands-on sessions ( 50 minute, 75 minute)

Livestream sessions (50 minute livestream, 110 minute livestream)

Presentation sessions (15 minute lightning round, 50 minute breakout session - discussion, presentation or panel).

Posters sessions will utilize Padlet. If you want to submit a poster, please fill out a this seperate poster submission form. http://bit.ly/elcc2020posters

Social Media Session (sessions can be on any topic but utilize a social media platform for a specific time)
Examples can be Flipgrid event, Tweetchat over twitter, Instagram Takeover, Voxer Chat, reddit AMA, etc.

Webcam Livestream (Half or Full Fay Livestream) For these sessions, we would set up a webcam or a livestream and let conference attendees come and go during the time period.

Proposal Deadline is Monday February 24, 2020.

If you have any questions or would like to submit something not covered, please contact Kae Novak at kae.novak@frontrange.edu

Please click on the NEXT button to continue and submit your session.

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