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With this form you register for the UnaVillage Prototype 2019.

You find the description on our internet page
Please read carefully!

After your registration you will receive access to the prototype community platform. There you find topic offerings and regular news and you can place your own offerings and start topic discussions.
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Contribution - financial policy
We are a non-profit initiative. With your contribution you support the cost coverage of the prototype. Please choose the number of planned weeks, your contribution (standard or reduced) and the concrete weeks of your participation. The contribution includes participation, food and simple accommodation in the house or in tents. You will receive an invoice. Your participation is confirmed with payment by wire transfer or paypal.

In case you can not afford the reduced contribution, please sent an email ( with your informal proposal. In case we have sufficient sponsorship, your proposal will be honored in sequence when received.

Cancellation policy:
Dropping out, you will receive a refund of your contribution less the period you participated
As a now show you receive a refund less the contribution for the first week (replacement is possible)
Cancellation until four weeks before your start you receive a 100% refund
Cancellation with less then four weeks you receive a refund minus 100 € contribution

Standard Contribution
Reduced Contribution
27.-30.06. Kick Off Event 60€/40€
26.-29.09 UnaVision Summit 60€/40€
2 weeks participation 360€/210€
3 weeks participation 450€/260€
4 weeks participation 500€/300€
each additional week 125€/75€
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Please choose all weeks and events you like to participate
Remarks for your participation
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Languages you can communicate
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Who are you?
Other participants and the coordination circle like to know more about you. Please tell us in a few sentences who you are, about your interests, what you have done, can do, are doing and like to do. Your objectives, expectations, wishes and what is important for you!.
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What is your motivation to participate?
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You have special needs?
In case you have special needs, let us talk about them.
In case you like your kids to join, we like to create together with you a suitable learning environment for this most important interest group. Please register your kids and become involved in planning!
I register my children
Remarks to children
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Learning - Teaching - Topic circles
The UnaVersity concept is based on the free exchange of information, knowledge, abilities, talents, experiences, insights and the co-development of topics and projects. Please tick what you like to learn, teach, share and which topics are of interest to you. Please also fill in additional topics which you are missing.
Learning more about
Sharing - teaching
Topic circles
no interest
Herbs, Medical and wild herbs
tree cutting, tree grafting,
Music instruments
agro-forest systems
climate change
working with Adobe, mud, straw bales
working with wood, carpentry
painting, drawing
working with stone, masonry
theatre, improvisation theatre
New Work - New Culture
Economy of the common goods
Transformative Learning
Eco-Social Entrepreneurship
Pattern Language
World in Balance, Global Marshall Plan
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
Scenarios for living in rural regions
Transition Town approaches
non violent communication
systemic thinkink and systems analysis
video, film making, cutting
sociocracy and sociocratic systems
complimentary currencies
Cradle to Cradle, circular economies
preventive health systems
raw food
Theory U
Additional topics you like to see
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Learning offerings
In case you have learning offerings or you like to coordinate a topic circle please check the next point to receive further information.
Teaching - sharing - expertise
What else you like to share?
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