The application form for the research grant for Aquaphotomics
This is the application form for the aquaphotomics research grant, provided by General Incorporated Foundation Tsuki no Shizuku.
If you need more information about the grant application, please send an e-mail to (Takayuki Igaki, vice representative director).
Name of the applicant (representative) *
A representative of your research group can apply for the research grant.
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sex *
Affiliated organization of the applicant (representative)
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E-mail address of the applicant(representative) *
We send the notification of the research grant to the e-mail address provided. If you write the wrong e-mail address, we can't provide the grant.
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Telephone number of the applicant(representative) *
Please include the country code.
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Position of the applicant (representative)
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Account information to receive the research grant *
Please ask the beneficiary bank about the information to receive money from abroad. We need the following information: SWIFT CODE/BIC of the beneficiary bank, Beneficiary Bank Name, Branch Name, Beneficiary Bank Address, Beneficiary Account Number, Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Address, Beneficiary Telephone Number. In case of insufficient information, we can't send money.
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