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What is the Youth Ambassador Network about?
At MYAN NSW we want to mentor and support you to build the knowledge, skills and confidence around the change-making process, providing you with the tools and techniques to create social change. You'll become part of a group of passionate young activists who will be supported to take part in a range of advocacy and leadership opportunities.
Who can join?
- any young person 12 - 25 years old
- anyone that identifies as multicultural (for example from a refugee, migrant or culturally and linguistically diverse background)

All applications are considered confidential – the information you provide will not be shared without your permission.

Got questions? Need some help completing the form?
Please contact Hannah Lai at MYAN NSW via email: or mobile 0490 714 292.

What will I learn and what activities will I be part of?
// Be part of the Young Humanitarians Project!
This is a combination of Red Cross + MYAN + STARTTS (Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation for Torture and Trauma Survivors). Together we offer the support you need to meet other leaders and find the right volunteer opportunities for you!

// Plan the Young Humanitarians Conference!

Drive all aspects - the theme, speakers, workshops! You could host a panel, create a video, launch a the driving force behind the youth conference, your network of MYAs will play a huge role in creating social change and advocating on important issues to people in power.

Between May 2018 - March 2019, it means we'd like your commitment to make this conference a big success!

// Meet and learn with like-minded people!

Want to meet with like-minded people beyond your usual circle?
Want to learn new skills relevant to leadership, advocacy and social change?
Do you want to take action on issues affecting young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds?

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Commitment to the MYA Program
Multicultural Youth Ambassadors will generally meet every 2-3 months. It is expected that all members are active participants in the Multicultural Youth Ambassadors program

To be eligible for the MYA program, applicants must be:

- a young person aged 12-25;
- a young person who identifies as multicultural (refugee, migrant or culturally diverse background)
- willing to take on the role of Multicultural Youth Ambassador
- willing to attend meetings on weekends and sometimes after business hours (after 5pm)

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