The League in Advocacy Challenge 2019-2020
Count Your Advocacy!
Use this form to record any contact you make with your state elected officials (Delegate, Senator, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General).
Please submit this form for each individual contact made.
It is recommended that you fill this form out once a week during the Legislative Session.
This form should also be used for advocacy events (ie. Redistricting booth at a local festival).
Attending meetings or registering voters does not count as advocacy.
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Name (First name, Last name) *
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Please Select Your Local League of Membership *
Location and Approx. Date of Contact
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Whom did you contact?
Please list in the following order - Name of official, Position, District Number if known (Example: Vivian Watts, Delegate, District 39)
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Type of contact made
Examples: Letter/Postcard, Email, Phone Call, In-Person (Office Visit, Town Hall, Meet and Greet, etc.), Other
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Was advocacy with a partner org?
If yes, please specify the organization: OneVirginia2021, NAACP, AAUW, etc
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Subject of legislative priority?
Any additional information you wish to note
Example: bill numbers, what you advocated for or against, any lawmaker explanation or response
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