Professional Mentorship Application
The USC Architectural Guild is pleased to announce our Spring 2016 Guild Mentorship Program. The goal of the program is to expose students to the practice of architecture and related professions.

Mentees and Mentors will register for the program from February 1, 2016 until February 12, 2016. Matches will be determined prior to the kick-off that will take place on March 2. At the kick-off meeting you’ll learn about University and program guidelines for mentors/mentees and hear from previous participants in the program. The kick-off meeting is recommended for first-time participants.

Here are a few suggestions for sharing your experience in the profession with your mentee:

• Arrange a tour of your organization for your mentee;
• Allow your mentee to job shadow with you or someone else in your organization;
• Allow one-on-one interactions to share experiences, resources and answer their career-related questions;
• Invite your mentee to visit a job site(s);
• Invite your mentee to attend an office or staff meeting or an appointment with a client or attend a professional association meeting with you or someone else in your organization.

If you are not able to meet face-face, consider interactions through electronic communication, telephone, and tools such as Skype and Face Time.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to meeting you at our kick-off celebration on March 2.

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