Express your interest in future events, and tell us more about yourself.

We are a community of newly wealthy tech founders and early employees who are figuring out how we want to give.

No saviors, just stewards.
> The technology company where I work recently went public or was acquired, and I now have new and increased personal resources.

> I want to think consciously about the impact I can have with these, and all of my resources.

> I might give a meaningful portion of my wealth in service of impact, and I am looking for a group of peers to help narrow my focus and inspire me to take further action.

If yes to all, this community is for you! We encourage you to request to join us by answering the questions on the next page.
FORUM -- JULY 2019
Our first Forum in July of 2019 was co-hosted by Bloomberg Beta and Schmidt Futures with programming input from the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.

Participants gave us the feedback that it was helpful, and that we should continue to offer more convenings. So here we are.
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