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Centuries of war between the factions of the Elpor Basin has finally ended! With the Elporian Pact signed, there is finally a chance for peace. Now comes the hard part… Building a unified Kingdom from the ruins of war while working alongside your rivals whom you were fighting with until recently.

The Councils of Elporia is a rules-light megagame where players collectively generate and rule a fantasy Kingdom through collaborative storytelling. Gameplay alternates between drafting narrative elements and participating in council sessions. Player decisions will have impacts both near and far.

Welcome to the Councils of Elporia signup!|
The game is scheduled Noon-5pm EST on Saturday, October 15th. This game takes place online using Discord, Miro, and Google Sheets.

Please note that this game's registration is first-come first-served. If you do not secure a spot, you will be placed on the waitlist.

NOTE: This game is currently full. Signups are now for the waitlist.
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Player Safety
The Councils of Elporia will not include bigotry, sexual violence, slavery, or real-world religions. There will be an X-Card system. If there are any topics you would like to avoid, please let us know here.
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