Interested in building a nest box, or trying to determine the best box for your location?
If you are interested in purchasing a ready made box, and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, please visit our website at, click on the Nesting Boxes drop down menu, and select the survey for either agricultural or residential use.
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This survey will help us determine the appropriate nesting box or nesting box plans for you. We encourage the use of nesting boxes as a cost effective, safe and natural means of pest and rodent control. A Barn Owl family can consume up to 3,000 rodents in a four month breeding cycle. Nesting boxes are a win-win scenario for property owners and owls alike!
Are you interested in purchasing plans to build a nesting box?
Power tools, including a router and table saw, are needed to build nesting boxes.
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Western Screech Owls have a pleasant call, but Barn Owls are incredibly loud, and will make noise throughout the entire night. We do not recommend people with close neighbors mount Barn Owl nesting boxes in densely populated areas for this reason.
Do you have neighbors close to you?
Do you already have any nesting boxes?
If yes, what type of box?
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How many boxes?
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Are they occupied?
What is the acreage or square footage of your property?
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How close are your neighbors?
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Do you have mature trees on your property?
Do you have an uncovered pool or body of water on your property?
Are you seeing or hearing owls on your property?
Can you identify their species?
If yes, what species?
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Can you describe their calls?
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Please check off the habitats that exist within 1/2 mile of where the box will be placed:
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Rodent Control:
Do you have an issue with rodents?
If yes, what methods of rodent control are you currently using? Select all that apply:
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If poison was used, how long ago?
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Describe the issues the rodents are causing:
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What species / type of rodents are causing problems?
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Are your neighbors are using rodent control?
If yes, please describe:
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Are you willing to commit to not using poison, and to ensure that your neighbors do the same?
Do you have wildlife living in the area?
If yes, what species? Include mammals and raptors.
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Will you be able to climb a ladder to clean your boxes every October?
Rodent Poisons
- They are unnecessary , counter-productive and dangerous .
- Baits include ingredients that attract rodents to a location.
- Poisoned rodents die a slow death, and can also die within the walls of your home.
- Slow moving poisoned rodents are very easy prey for owls and other predators, including house cats.
Thank you!
We will be back in touch as soon as we have determined the correct nesting boxes for your location.
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