Save Singapore's Forest Reserves; Our Natural Heritage
Please fill up the following form, which will be sent as a show of support for MacRitchie Forest: to appeal to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to avoid conducting works related to the Cross Island MRT Line (CRL) within the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR). This is to protect and avoid damaging the CCNR and our precious natural heritage.
Below shows the contents of the letter, which will be sent to LTA:
Appeal to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore, to avoid conducting works related to the Cross Island MRT Line (CRL) within the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR).
We, the undersigned, note with disappointment that one of the alignment options of the proposed CRL runs beneath the CCNR near the MacRitchie Reservoir area, requiring soil investigation works that are due to begin in the third quarter of 2016. Our utmost concern is that works related with this development will damage our precious natural resource – our forest reserve.
Our forest reserve is our natural heritage, unique to us and no other, serving us in more ways than we may know. No MRT line, whether above or underground should pass through it.

The rainforest ecosystem could be irreversibly damaged by the potential impacts of the soil investigation works. These include trampling due to off-trail walking, disturbance to vegetation from mobilization/demobilization and site access, disturbance to wildlife due to human interference, noise and vibration, and disturbance to aquatic habitats. This is a particularly grave concern at the site where a patch of primary forest is situated along the proposed alignment of the line.

Today, MacRitchie Forest comprises a rich tract of undisturbed primary and mature secondary forests with a network of small, acidic and crystal-clear forest streams supporting unique flora and fauna adapted to living in such special habitats. The Forest Walking Catfish, Black-spotted Sticky Frog, Gold-ringed Cat Snake and Spiny Hill Terrapin have made this part of the forest their home, as have the Leopard Cat, Sunda Pangolin, Malayan Colugo and Horsfield’s Flying Squirrel among others.

Any development in this forest can potentially pollute our forest streams with silt and toxic materials. This will in turn damage unique microhabitats created by forest streams, affecting native forest frogs, freshwater turtles, freshwater fishes and crustaceans that can only live here. MacRitchie Forest has been protected for more than a hundred years. We should continue to conserve it, especially for the endemic denizens of our forest.

Let’s not lose the gift we have. Let’s keep it for our kids and theirs to enjoy.

It is still not too late.

We appeal to the LTA to courageously reconsider proceeding with works related to the CRL within the CCNR.

Updated on 14 March 2016

The previous version of the above letter may be viewed here -
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