MTV (2018-19) 5th Grade Instrument Sign-up Form
The Mountview Road Spring Concert will be over on May 30th. However, our learning does not end. Group lessons will continue the remainder of June. Band students will get to go outside at recess on those lesson days since our concert is over.

While this school year is winding down, Mrs. White is excited to start the process of preparing for next year’s 5th Grade Band. She told me she is ordering lots of great new music and will be planning many fun activities, like Honors Band. In order to help get organized for next year, please complete the information below. Finally, I wanted to thank you for a fantastic year together! I can only imagine how great you will sound next year!

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. White at
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(If undecided, select up to 3 and Mrs. White will meet with your child to select his/her best instrument) **It is strongly recommend to stay on the same instrument to continue to build their beginner-level skills and have long-term success in the band program. However, instrument switches are sometimes permitted after meeting first with Mrs. White for a consultation. *
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My child and I have read the attached .pdf letter "Instrument FAQ" containing the expectations and responsibilities, and understand that our commitment to the Band program is for the entire school year. *
Important Financial Information For Parents: Continuing to rent your instrument over the summer is the perfect way to keep your child practicing, so their learned knowledge stays fresh in their mind for next year. In addition, all of the rental payments continue to accrue and can be used for any student level instrument purchase of equal or greater value. If you return your current instrument, or re-rent it at the end of this school year for the next, you will lose all accumulated rental payment equity and have to start over again. If you have questions, please contact the vendor you are renting from. *
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Since school is no longer in session for the summer, you will receive a follow-up email within 2-4 weeks of of submitting this form to confirm your child's continued participation in the Band program. If you do not receive a confirmation email after that time frame, please try re-submitting your sign up form or email me directly at Thank you.
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