2020 State of Society Survey
Please fill out the following information to supplement your State of Meeting/Worship Group report. These surveys will only be used for the purpose of generating accurate and comparative data for the NYYM State of Society Report. You may send up to 5 images of your meeting for inclusion in the NYYM State of Society report, by emailing state-of-society@nyym.org.
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How many members does your meeting currently have? *
On an average Sunday, how many people attend Meeting for Worship? (if you have multiple times for worship, please respond with the TOTAL amount of attenders)
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Most people (more than half) who attend Meeting for Worship are members of the Meeting.
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What statement is most true regarding membership between January 2020 and the present? *
Which of the following is true of your First Day School and programs for children?
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Please check all age groups for which your meeting provides programming (virtual or in-person) & other activities: *
What statement best describes vocal ministry during Meeting for Worship? Please note that there is no value placed on any of the options; this serves to capture frequency of ministry and not quality of worship *
What are the biggest challenges that your meeting is currently facing? Check all that apply. Some of these things may be true but not particularly concerning. Please only check boxes that are BOTH challenging and concerning to your Meeting. *
What statement is most true regarding activities (virtual or in-person) beyond Meeting for Worship? *
What types of activities do you regularly participate in as a meeting, recognizing that some of these activities may have changed from in-person to virtual? This goes beyond people participating individually and should reflect activities that are meeting-initiated. *
Have members of the meeting been involved in the NYYM mentorship pilot program (January-July 2020) or the 2020-2021 mentorship program, either as seekers or mentors?
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What else would you like us to know?
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