Intercultural Movemental Planting          Cohort Application (Year 1)
Local neighborhoods across the world are more globalized than ever. In the US, by 2045 there will be no racial-ethnic majority. In the US and globally, the wealth gap between the rich and the poor is greater than ever, disproportionately along racial lines. Long-time locals who are working class and people of color are being driven from US urban centers and rural lands due to gentrification. The planet is suffocating under the weight of ecological devastation with disproportionate impacts in underserved neighborhoods. Politics across the globe is dominated by big money and special interests. The Church in the West overwhelmingly serves the interests of the dominant class reinforcing rather than resisting and creating alternatives to these realities of division and disparity. Churches continue to be one of the most segregated institutions along the lines of race and class. How might an intercultural missional movement of beloved communities be an alternative and conspire for change amidst the conditions facing our neighborhoods and the world?

Drawing from the wisdom of intercultural missional movements led by people of color and poor people in the US and Global South, this cohort will equip participants to build intercultural relationships and attend to disparities at the root to plant a network of beloved communities that walk humbly, love mercy, and do justice as a witness to the gospel in local neighborhoods.
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