Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury (OASIS) and its Management (Zoom Lecture)
Fee: HKD 300 (Member);
HKD 450 (Non-Member)

Enrolment Method:
Please complete the application form and make the payment within 7 days of your enrolment, or your application will be cancelled. All course fees are not refundable / transferable.

Payment Method:
(1) Bank Transfer to Dah Sing Bank
Account Number:
[ATM] 59-103-0574-7 /
[Online Banking] 040-759-103-0574-7
Account Name: Hong Kong Midwives Association
Please send the transfer slip (with your name & enrolled class) to us via
Email: info@midwives.org.hk; or
WhatsApp: 9145 3581; or
Fax: 2572 5329

(2) By Cheque
Please send the crossed cheque (payable to “Hong Kong Midwives Association” to the address of Association
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報名細則 Points to Note
1. 提交報名表格後, 請於七天內七天內透過(1)銀行入數 或 (2)郵寄支票 方式繳付學費
(1) 銀行入數: 大新銀行
帳戶號碼: [ATM] 59-103-0574-7 / [Online Banking] 040-759-103-0574-7
帳戶名稱: Hong Kong Midwives Association
請將款項存入「香港助產士會」以上帳號後,把已寫上姓名及報讀課堂的入數紙 Email / WhatsApp / Fax 方式傳回香港助產士會

(2) 郵寄支票
請將劃線支票 - 註明收款人為「香港助產士會」,寄回香港助產士

2. 由於學額有限,本會採取先到先得方式,以付款時間為準
Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis upon full payment.

3. 團體報名表可直接在本會網站下載
For group enrolment, you can send us a group application form available on our website together with the payment in cheque to our address.

All course fees are not refundable / transferable.

5.凡上課符合課程要求, 將獲發出席/課程証書。
Attendance/course certificate will be issued for those who have fulfilled the course requirement.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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