Executive Engagement Request Form
Use this form to request that one or more University leaders attend or participate in an upcoming event. Requests must be submitted at least 40 business days in advance of the event.


While completing this form, special emphasis should be placed on how the University leader(s)' participation will help advance the University's Mission, Vision and Goals. Priority in approvals will be given to requests with the greatest potential impact.

Wherever possible, please provide detailed answers to the form questions. Submissions lacking adequate detail may lead to the request being declined or the applicant being asked to resubmit the form. For required questions that do not pertain to the request, Please enter N/A.

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If a University leader is being invited to multiple activities as part of a larger event, a separate request form must be completed for each activity. Please specify the activity within the larger event in the Event Title submitted here.
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Optional or Additional Dates
If preferred, please note any alternative dates for this event if one or more University leaders are not able to attend on the date noted above. Also if applicable, please note additional dates if the University leader or leaders are being asked to participate in multiple iterations of the same event.
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Purpose of Event (How will this event advance the University's Mission, Vision and Goals of Advancing Student Achievement, Research, Community Engagement and Diversity?) *
Please provide a detailed response. Requests lacking adequate detail are more likely not to be approved. Events with the greatest potential impact will be prioritized in engagement scheduling.
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