An Open Letter from the Chinese American Community in Support of the Jewish Community Following the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting
To Our Jewish Brethren,

Shalom, Chaverim!

The Chinese American community condemns in the strongest possible terms the hate-fueled murder of 11 Jewish Americans at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27, 2018, the worst attack on the Jewish community in American history. We stand in solidarity with the American Jewish community at this difficult time, and we wish to offer the families of the victims and the survivors our profound sympathy and condolences.
As a community that has historically suffered enormously from discrimination, violence and naked racism, we feel a unique and urgent sense of responsibility to fight anti-Semitism, hatred and violence in whatever form, wherever it rears its head in our society, right alongside you. 
Throughout our common history, Chinese Americans have enjoyed a deep and intimate kinship with our Jewish brethren, not only in America but also in other parts of the world. Let it be known to the world that an attack on the Jewish community is an attack on all of us; a Jewish life taken is a life taken from our community as well. Once again, we wish to assert in no uncertain terms that Chinese Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with American Jews at this sad time.
This senseless killing has once again revealed the ugly face of hate and intolerance in America today. It underscores the national urgency that all Americans must come together to fight against the hate, violence and corrosive political divisiveness that are far too prevalent in our society today.
Together with our Jewish brethren and indeed all Americans, we stand ready for this fight. We must and will win the struggle for an America that is tolerant, compassionate and peaceful.

The co-signing Chinese American organizations:

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