Innovating for Social Impact Program (iSIP)2018
iSIP is borne out of the need to build capacities of youth, with a ripple effect of enhancing higher productivity and economy growth. With ever rising population and need for employment in the region, we must prepare our young workforce to start taking a center stage in driving economy activities in the continent. Africa is projected to be a hub of massive economy transformation if we are able to capitalize on size of our young population.

As an organization that is inspired to lead this transformation, we have designed a programme aimed at building youth capacities in becoming innovative and scaling up into entrepreneurship for job creation and economy advancement. We specifically provide the catalyst much needed among the youth who have myriad ideas to solve the challenges facing communities.

iSIP is primarily focused on building capacities in youth in Kenya and surrounding ecosystem, in employment and job creation (entrepreneurs) and enhanced social transformation. The programme includes 3 main segments;

Dedicated Mentorship
iSIP startup funds
Innovation Exhibition and networking

If you are a youth 18-35 years, passionate and innovator, then this opportunity is for you. Those selected will go through an intensive mentorship, business modelling, networks and opportunity to pitch to investors and SEED Funding.
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