Spring Digital Breakout
This month's PD is an escape room! Have you participated in one before? If not, that's OK. Just remember it's all about the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Follow the prompts, and then think critically about how you can crack the code to move onto the next challenge. (This form has been created with response validation, so unless you get the exact combination/code, you cannot complete the challenge.)

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You will need to begin your adventure by reading the following strategies in The ELL Teacher's Toolbox: 10 Reading Comprehension (pp. 103-122), 12 Concept Attainment + (pp. 137-144), 15 Quoting/Summarizing/Paraphrasing (pp. 165-174), 19 Error Correction (pp. 201-205), and 31 Listening (pp. 311-319).
How does our digital breakout room work? WATCH HERE to learn how.
1. It's March 29 and you are so ready for your all-inclusive stay in the Dominican Republic. Your bags are packed, you have your passport, and you've prepared a fresh stack of PD books to read at the resort. There are just a few things standing in your way. In order to get out the door and into your Uber, you need to solve three challenges. Be sure to think creatively and try different strategies. You may use the stream of Google Classroom to ask your teammates for hints or advice, but please don't share answers/spoilers. If you are totally stuck, watch our video clues as a last resort. To begin this challenge, please submit your name. *
Here's a picture of the resort you're trying to get to.
Here's a picture of the resort you're trying to get to.
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2. Before you leave, you have just a few papers to grade. While you're grading, listen to this podcast about design thinking with The Tech Rabbi. In this episode (episode 30), the hosts, Ben & Becky, discuss the work of John Hattie and mention A PRACTICE that can have a HUGE effect on student achievement. Using the cipher below, figure out the numerical combination for this lock. Link to podcast: https://blogs.svvsd.org/vrainwaves/episode-030-the-tech-rabbi-michael-cohen/ (This code has four digits.) *
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The Cipher
Video Clue for Question 2
3. The papers are graded, but now you have a last-minute PLC meeting analyzing reading data. Quickly read strategy 10 Reading Comprehension (pp. 103-122) in Ferlazzo and Sypnieski's The ELL Teacher's Toolbox. Use the strategy sort below in order to figure out the next numerical combination. (This code has three digits.) *
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Strategy Sort
Video Clue for Question 3 (Second Puzzle)
4. The meeting is over (and you totally rocked it by the way). Now, you just need to create a Program Services Plan with necessary accommodations for your new student. Using the Green Cipher and the code in the book below, read this summary of an important point from The ELL Teacher's Toolbox. (This code has three digits.) *
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The Green Cipher
Crack the Code
Video Clue for Question 4
Congrats! If all three questions are correct (not red), you broke out and you are now ready to hop in your Uber and start your spring break in the Dominican Republic! A good breakout game always includes reflection, so be sure to join the Flipgrid below to reflect on Key Practice 8 and your spring digital breakout experience. After you finish your Flipgrid video, check the box below, press submit... and enjoy your well-deserved break. https://flipgrid.com/9b446066 *
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