3844 Exit Survey
Please answer the following questions to help me decide how to teach this course in the fall. Thank you for your input.
Who are you? *
I need your name so that I know who is (or isn't) giving me permission to use their projects.
May I use your projects as examples in the future? *
Students like to see how others have completed the assignments, and sharing your work gives me the chance to brag about how well you have did. I will not put up your work as a "bad example."
How would you feel if I had added student-teacher conferences in my office to the course?
I am thinking of short (15 minute) conferences so that students can show me more of their projects than possible in the 2-minute conferences in the classroom. I know some students find them nerve-wracking, but I think I could give better feedback. Tell me what you think about this idea, good or bad.
If you have any feedback or suggestions for other ways I could improve the course, please let me know below.
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