Atlas Fellowship: Movement Building Fund (MBF)
Please fill out this form to be considered for partial or full funding for any aspect of the Atlas Fellowship Program from the Movement Building Fund (MBF). Please be specific about the reasons for your financial need (e.g. COVID-related budget restrictions, or a general lack of access to funding and resources).

Please also detail any efforts you are making to identify funding. If you are able to find funding after we approve your acceptance into this program with financial support from PLAN, your contribution back to the MBF will allow us to offer more services to additional campuses.

*Please submit this application as soon as your campus is ready to commit to the Fellowship engagement, even if you are waiting to hear back on other funding opportunities. If you are committed, we want to make sure you can secure your spot in the program.

Priority for this fund is given to Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) and Non-traditional schools but we encourage all to apply and disperse funds on a case-by-case basis while funds are available.

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What academic semester or quarter are you applying for? (e.g. Spring 2022) *
Is your campus a member of PLAN? Atlas Engagements are an add-on to PLAN membership. If you are not a member, how much of the PLAN membership is your campus able to commit to paying? More details about membership can be found here:
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How much of the fellowship cost is your campus able to commit to paying? *
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Is your campus able to provide the Fellow with financial or credit-based compensation for the Fellowship? *
Detail on compensation for the Fellow: Please provide us with any background you feel is appropriate related to the 4 options in the previous question.
Would you like financial support from PLAN to provide payment to your Fellow? We recommend anticipating that this project will take a fellow about 50 hours to complete. At $15/hour, that's roughly $750. If you are requesting financial support for your Fellow, please explain your needs here.
Please provide a brief explanation (a few sentences or a paragraph is okay) on why you are seeking funding through the Movement Building Fund. Please detail any efforts you have taken to identify funding opportunities on your campus. (For example: you experienced COVID budget cuts, your budget is limited for other reasons, or you applied for funding and were denied).
Is there any other background information relating to the cost of the engagement or the compensation for the Fellow(s) that you'd like to share with us? Do you have any questions for us?
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