Course Readiness
Is your online course updated for the new semester? Does your syllabus follow the April 2, 2018 Faculty Senate approved changes?
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(ex: HIST F100X UX1)
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Is your course available in Blackboard
Details for how to do this can be found at:
Is your class in Blackboard only or are you using an external site (like Wordpress) to share the course materials or assignments? Choose more than one if needed.
If you're using an external site, what's the URL?
If you are exclusively using an external site for your course, make sure you have an announcement in Blackboard directing students to that site.
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If you are using, do you need your students enrolled in the website?
If you are teaching a class and your students will need to log into your community course site to participate, students will be auto-enrolled in your community class starting a few days before the semester starts and ending after late registration closes.
Are you using eCampus instead of eLearning?
We've changed our name! Please review your course for references to eLearning and use eCampus instead. We'll help you with this search too.
Have you created a new Welcome Communication (Announcement, Welcome Letter, Video, etc.) for your students?
Have you updated your syllabus to reflect the April 2, 2018 Faculty Senate amendments?
See updates at See also eCampus syllabus template.
Have you updated your syllabus to reflect the current semester's dates?
If you have the UAF nondiscrimination statement listed in your syllabus, is it up-to-date?
Faculty Senate has indicated that inclusion of this statement is option. If you do have it, however, it should be using the updated wording. (as of Fall 2017)
Have you updated your class schedule?
Hint: Try making a list of all the places you may have attached or embedded your schedule and double check to avoid student confusion in the new semester!
Have you created a "First Contact" assignment that is due in the first 3 days of class?
We HIGHLY recommend this as a way to encourage student retention in online courses. If you don't hear from one of your students, please let us know so that we can follow up with the student. For more details see:
Have you updated the dates inside units and modules and/or your due dates?
Trick: Use the Set Grade Center Due Dates to update all your dates on one page -- see details:
Have you checked to confirm that your Blackboard gradebook columns line up with the assignments and points possible stated in the course syllabus?
Embedded documents, unbroken links, viewable videos etc. - are they all working?
If you're using third party apps, what are they?
Publisher's content, Kaltura, YouTube, Voicethread, required software like Office, etc.) Make sure you have given instructions for how to use the app(s) or provide links to tutorials for student support.
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Does your course include video?
Select all that apply. We are using this question to help identify videos that might need verification of captioning.
Do you have any proctored exams in your course?
Have you completed the Proctor Exam Information form for this semester?
Exam materials (passwords, deadlines, instructions, etc.) must be received by UAF eCampus prior to the first day of instruction. See proctored exam information at
Have you provided exam materials to UAF eCampus?
Exams and exam information must be provided to eCampus at least 7 business days prior to the exam opening. By selecting, "NO", you understand that if you don't follow through, your exam may not be proctored by UAF eCampus.
Do you want to allow virtual exam proctoring (secure through RPNow) for your students?
What is RPNow? This option is not available for paper exams. Add link
Please rate your overall satisfaction with the course
Do you feel that your course is good to go and ready for semester students?
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