Gender Data Impact: Submission Form
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To understand what makes a good Gender Data Impact story, read

Here is an example of a gender data impact story from Uruguay that we have researched and verified with the data producers: Please note that this is meant for demonstration purposes only. Gender data impact stories do not need to be externally published to be considered.

Here is the sample submission form for the Uruguay example:

Please describe the source of gender data that was collected/produced. (e.g., name of survey, name of study, etc.). Please provide a link or other information to verify the data source. *
What happened as a result of having this gender data? See guidance document linked above for more information about the types of change that may have taken place. *
Can this impact be verified? (i.e., Is there a new piece of legislation that exists because of this data? Can you point to changes in policy direction, funding, program changes, or outcomes because of this data? How do you know the impacts were a result of the data?) Evidence that the new policy or program was implemented and resulted in lasting changes are especially welcome. *
Feel free to upload any additional documentation here (optional).
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