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Tylmen is a mobile shopping app revolutionizing sustainability in fashion by reducing returns through Tylmen's embedded "T FIT" Technology. 

Our technology lets users take two photos of themselves and extracts their full body measurements. We sync these measurements with online clothes' dimensions to give users an exact percentage score of how well clothes will fit them without trying them on.

Your role consists of 2 responsibilities.
1) Get people in your network excited about Tylmen and to download our app.
2) Provide essential hands-on feedback about the app, user experience, and technology improvements. 

We aspire to clothe you in the brands you know and love by combining our proprietary technology with communal development. By joining our team, you can directly contribute to decreasing the fashion industry's carbon footprint. 

We are excited to announce that our app is on the App Store! We are seeking valuable feedback to help improve its design and usability. 

In addition, you have the opportunity to build an impressive resume feature, and connect with a network of college students working with Tylmen across the country.
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