Story City Locker's Custom Processing Pork Cut Sheet
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Following are the questions we would ask if you were to call us with your instructions. If you'd prefer to talk through the cut sheet with us, call the locker at 515-733-6328.

Today's Date *
Is Story City Locker sourcing the pig harvest for you, or have you arranged the harvest with a farmer yourself? *
Farmer Name *
If SCL is helping you connect with a farmer, type 'an SCL option'.
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Your Last Name *
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Street Address *
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Direct to Consumer / Not For Sale Processing *
To sell, or to even donate to a food pantry, meat must be harvested with a State of Iowa meat inspector present.
Are you processing more than one animal for yourself at this time? *
Which type of processing is your preference, skinned or scald? *
How much carcass are these instructions for? *
REAR LEG - Side 1 *
Up to 2 selections are possible
REAR LEG (Side 1) - Bone In or Boneless? *
This selection may or may not be fulfilled; you specific product requests take priority.
Roasts / Hams Sizes - Side 1 *
When 'No Preference' is selected & you're getting roasts, we'll default to our standard.
Leg Steaks / Slices Sizes - Side 1 *
The saw 'eats' a lot of meat when we cut steaks, chops, and slices less than 1" thick
(optional) Comments regarding the rear leg 1:
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SPARE RIBS - Side 1 *
(optional) Comments regarding the spare ribs 1.
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BELLY - Side 1 *
We slice bacon one way. It's a thick cut.
Sliced Belly Products Packaging - Side 1 *
Quartered fresh side or bacon, by default, will be packaged by quarter, not by weight.
(optional) Comments regarding the belly 1.
Your answer
LOIN (Side 1) - Which do you prefer, pork chops or loin roasts? *
Babyback Ribs are only available if you get boneless chops (or roasts.) (Side 1) *
Would you like the Babyback Rack of Ribs?
SIRLOIN (Side 1) - Do you want the sirloin chops? *
This chop typically has as much bone as meat.
Would you Canadian Bacon? (Side 1) *
If you selected Chops previously, Canadian Bacon isn't an option.
Chop Sizes - Side 1 *
If you have not previously selected Chops, nothing but 'No Preference' applies.
Chop / Leg Steak Packaging - Side 1 *
If you have not previously selected Chops, nothing but 'No Preference' applies.
Loin Roast Sizes - Side 1 *
Cut into roasts, each loin has (2) New York Roasts & (1) Ribeye Roast. If you have not previously selected Roasts, nothing but 'No Preference' applies.
(optional) Comments regarding the loin 1.
Your answer
SHOULDER - Side 1 *
These roasts are commonly known as 'butt' roasts.
Shoulder, bone in or boneless? (Side 1) *
Cottage Bacon? (Side 1) *
Getting this will reduce your amount of Shoulder Roasts & the roasts will be boneless.
Shoulder Roast Sizes - Side 1 *
(optional) Comments regarding the shoulder.
Your answer
JOWL - Side 1 *
HOCKS - Side 1 *
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