Private Lesson Sign-Ups - Navo Band
We are proud to have a wonderful professional private lesson staff at Navo for our band students. Private lessons are like the personal trainers of the band world. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner just starting out or a seasoned professional, everyone can benefit from lessons. Lessons provide one-to-one instruction for students that allow for a more customized and personalized approach to instruction that cannot be duplicated or equaled in a large classroom setting.

We encourage all of our students to take private lessons. Both Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Hudson took lessons when we were in school and in college and taught private lessons. We know the tremendous benefits that can come from private lessons. The students who take lessons not only excel on their instrument, but become more confident individuals who end up doing well in other subjects and become the leaders among their peers. Mr. Hudson is famous for saying that if we could get all of our band students in private lessons, we wouldn't just have a bunch of great band students, but we would change the entire culture of Navo Middle School and our Community for the better.

Lessons may be taken before school, after school, and during band class during school. Due to social distancing requirements, all lessons will be done remotely for the time being. We are making preparations to facilitate remote lessons during band at this time, but you should know that your lesson teacher may have limited time during class.

Many of you have already been taking lessons, and you may already be in touch with your private lesson teacher. But if you haven't been taking lessons, or you're not sure, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in taking lessons, please fill out this form, and we will forward your information to the private lesson teacher for your instrument so that they can contact you.

Yes, private lessons cost extra, but we know that it is well worth it, and encourage you to take lessons if it is at all possible.
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