Law 12 Law of the Land Test
June 10th, 2019
Period 4

~ You are free to use the text book, All About Law, access the internet, your own notes and/or the slide presentations created by the course instructor to help you to successfully complete this exam.

~ Read the questions carefully to ensure that you are answering accurately.

~ In several questions, there are too many columns to show up easily - ALWAYS make sure that you scroll to the right and left to ensure that you see ALL the possible/potential answers.

~ Unless otherwise noted, terms and definitions are only used once per question (so, on a grid, you would not need to choose more than one option per row).

~ The number of marks for each question should be a good indicator of how many pieces of information you need to provide to get full marks.

~ Email address are asked for in order to communicate results and to allow you to sign in more than once if need be. They will be used for no other purposes than for Law 12 Sec 01 2018/2019.

~ The test is out of 100. Because of the way Google Forms creates sections, your name is a "question" - no, you do not get a mark for putting your name on the test, BUT if you don't do so, I won't know who to give your mark to, and you will get a Zero. SO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE TEST.

~ You have to complete each section to move on. I'm sorry about that.

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