Authority: The Brand & Business Blueprint
Establish the Authority to build a 6-figure brand, so that you can scale your business to $30k months.
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Do any of these sound like you?
• you lack confidence when it comes to knowing your value
• you take it personally when you can't find new clients
• you don't know how to properly and confidently navigate objections from potential new clients
• you don't know where to start to scale your business
• you're eager to serve clients but are struggling to communicate the value of your offer
• you're afraid to raise your prices in fear of rejection
• being able to expand and take on new clients
• doubling or even tripling your monthly income WITHOUT having to learn anything time consuming or complicated
• scaling to bring on new team members in your business that you can trust to help you grow
• knowing what to post to attract your ideal client without a second thought
• increasing your prices and learning your true value
• being able to confidently navigate objections in a non-salesy way
This is for
the entrepreneur who is coachable, ambitious, and wants to stop wasting their time and start building 30k months.
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