Student Library Survey 2020
Please answer all questions honestly. Your feedback will help make our library space, our resources and activities the best they can be.
What year are you in? *
How often do you visit the library? *
Please check all of the reasons you visit the library during the year: *
Do you have enough opportunities to visit the library? *
When you visit, are you usually able to find what you are looking for? *
Is the librarian approachable and helpful? *
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Really helpful
Is the library a place where you feel comfortable and welcome? *
Overall, how would you rate our library? *
What is your favourite thing about our library?
Do you have some ideas on what would improve our library?
Next year access to e and audio books will be via the Selwyn Libraries website - are you a member of Selwyn Libraries? *
Name any books or authors you would like to see our library purchase.
Do you have other ideas, comments or feedback? Feel free to comment on library books or resources, any activities, or changes to the library space.
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