2020-2021 Community Investment Fund Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for the United Way Yukon Community Investment Fund. Application procedures have changed for 2020-21. Please consult the Funding Application Instructions for 2021-22 located at www.unitedwayyukon.ca/apply-for-funding before completing this application.
Email address *
1. Name of Organization *
2. Mailing Address *
3. Street Address
(if different than mailing)
4. Contact Information for Person 1 *
In order to reach you at short notice about the application or project we need the contact information of two people. Please enter the name, email address and telephone number of the primary contact here, and of a second person in question 5.
5. Contact Information for Person 2 *
6. Charitable Registration Number *
See Funding Application Instructions for detail. If you are applying under the Charitable Registration Number of a partner organization, please also include the name of that organization.
7. Project Title *
8. Start Date of Project *
9. End Date of Project *
All projects must be completed by March 31, 2022
10. Promotional Summary *
Please provide a short description of your project in 3-4 sentences as you would in promotional material. This description may be used in United Way Yukon communications and fundraising materials.
11. Executive Summary *
Please provide a description of your project in 200-400 words.
12. Project Benefit *
Explain the project benefits, who will benefit, how many people will benefit, and how the project overcomes challenges and barriers faced by project beneficiaries. Maximum 300 words.
13. Work Plan with Timeline *
Describe:(a) where the project will be delivered; (b) proposed schedule for delivery; (c) who will deliver the project and how will staff be supervised; (d) what resources will be required to deliver the project and how you will acquire them.
14. Evaluation *
How do you plan to evaluate/assess your project’s outcomes, and the project’s contribution to United Way’s focus areas? Maximum 200 words.
15. Volunteer Resources *
Describe the volunteer resources which you expect to contribute to your project, and thereby amplify the reach of the funding. This can include individuals or other community projects and activities. Maximum 200 words.
16. Partners
If your project involves other organizations please identify them and their role.
17. Project Promotion *
How will your community know about your project? How will you reach out to the people or groups you are trying to support with your project? Maximum 100 words.
18. Funder Promotion *
How will you acknowledge United Way Yukon and how we have helped financially with the project? Maximum 100 words.
19. Priority Area *
This information is required by United Way—Centraide Canada and is used for statistical purposes only. Most projects apply to more than one area but you are permitted to identify only one. This question is not relevant to the evaluation of the application.
20. Funding $ Requested From UWY (maximum $10,000) *
21. Interim Reporting (see instructions) *
Applicants who received an award from the 2020-2021 Community Investment Fund and have not completed their project and submitted a Final Report must fill in an Interim Reporting Form here: https://forms.gle/8GMs8jEd85RZ6ny59. This does not affect awards made under the special Vulnerable Seniors Fund or the special Emergency Community Support Fund.
22. Project Budget *
23. Signature *
24. Name of person who signed above, and the date of signing. *
What happens when you click 'Submit'?
A copy of your form is immediately emailed to the address you gave at the top of the form. It contains an 'Edit' button. You may use this to edit your form. When you click 'submit' again, you receive an email with your now updated form. You may continue to edit your form until the application deadline, midnight, Feb. 7. It is permissible to use placeholders like "I will fill in later" in required fields, and then return later to finish the form. But you must email in your budget before clicking 'submit' here.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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