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Thank you for your interest in teaching with the Duluth Folk School!

Your responses here will help us determine if and where your class would fit within the Duluth Folk School.

This form will be used to create your class description. When you are filling out the form, please be as complete as you can, since your responses here are what potential students will read as they decide whether to register for your class. Let us know if you have any questions or are stuck on anything.

We are excited to work with you to deliver fun, hands-on learning opportunities in the Duluth area!

Please fill out a new form for each class you would like to teach.

*NOTE: If you have already submitted a form, you can skip the parts that haven't changed (previous experience, bio, etc.)

If you have questions first, you can get in touch with Bryan at bryan@duluthfolkschool.com.

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Briefly tell us about your teaching experience. We want to know about the sort of classes you've already taught (how many students, for how long have you been teaching, where have you taught, etc.). This doesn't need to be a resume - we just want to know if you've taught before. If you haven't, we can help you.
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This is what students will see. Tell us about YOU, and write in the first person (ex: "I have been making knishes since before I was born!"). Share a bit about your background, your connection to craft/creation, and your expertise. Some people teach multiple and different classes, so your bio doesn't need to reference any particular class. People will see a link to your bio on your class registration page. Keep it to one or two paragraphs. Check out examples at: https://duluthfolkschool.com/people/
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Class Title
Come up with a tentative title that reflects what the class is about. We really like clever or quirky titles, but straightforward is perfectly acceptable.
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Class Description
This is probably the most important thing we need. Write a description that will explain your class, and that will encourage potential students to register. This is typically a couple paragraphs, where you describe what students will be doing during class, and anything that they might want/need to know, prior to registering. Please write in 2nd person ("During this class, YOU will be...").
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Skill Level
People need to know if a class is for them. To what skill level is this class geared?
Students Should Bring... (equipment, ingredients, tools...)
Are there any items students should bring to class?
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Prerequisites: Age
What is the most appropriate age group for your class? If you will be teaching a class for kids, we are required to run a background check, at no cost to you. Pick one:
What will students go home with?
This can be a key determiner of whether your class will get enough registrants. Please be as specific as you can. Some examples from other classes include... Beginner Bike Repair: A well-tuned bike and knowledge about how to keep tires properly inflated, how to adjust brakes and how to adjust derailleurs; Timber Frame Techniques: Participants will learn how to use timber framing techniques to build their own timber framed sawhorse; Make Your Own Sausage: Participants will get to taste different types of sausage, they will learn how to make several different styles of sausage, and they will go home with about five pounds of sausage that they have made themselves.
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Expenses per student
The cost of materials is built into the cost of registration, so we need to know the cost for materials, per student. We add this amount to the registration cost, so the student only has to pay once. If you don't know, please make your best guess. If you need help determining this, let us know.
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Tools/Equipment (Duluth Folk School provided)
What tools or equipment do you need the Duluth Folk School to provide for your class?
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Maximum Number
What is the maximum number of students you can work with? 12-16 people seems to be the sweet spot for most classes, but usually, the more hands-on your class is, the lower your max. number should be.
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Minimum Number
What is the minimum number of students you can work with? The standard for most classes is four. We can certainly do less than four, but that makes the class more expensive.
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Class Length - Days
How many days will your class last? Most classes currently occur in one day.
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Class Length - Hours
If your class takes place in a single day, this is an easy question to answer. If your class runs over multiple days, please tell us your preferred format. Example: "Six hours over two days." Or, "Six hours over three days." Or, "Four classes, each two hours long, once per week for four weeks."
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Please request a specific date(s), AND a preferred day of the week (ex: Wed, Thur, Fri from 6-9pm, on Jan 30, 31 and Feb 1). Once we have date requests from you, we'll work to secure those dates. Typically, plan at least two months from the date you submit this form.
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Lead Time?
For some classes, materials have to be purchased and shipped weeks before the class starts. In these instances, we can close down registration a week or two before class. (note - you can opt to have materials shipped directly to the folk school)
If you choose 'Other,' we will follow up with you for more info on what you require.
Based on instructor feedback, we have created a few different options with regard to pay:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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