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Complete the form below to request detailed results, including mathematical calculations, from the most recent Hire Henry Research Partnership Pilot Program, a summary of results are provided below:

- Sustainability. Hire Henry aims to reduce city mowing operation emissions by 50X each
year of operation, while reducing energy costs by well over 1,000,000X.

- Safety. Hire Henry seeks to improve worker’s quality of life and long-term health impacts
by 2X.

- Job creation. Hire Henry will help address the city’s current 40 job openings and
pending 10-13% of job openings from retirements.

- News and media. Pilot program related social media posts reached 2,000+ people
across 5+ states; the program will be highlighted in an upcoming podcast interview and

- Innovation & technology. The pilot program will be highlighted in an upcoming artificial
intelligence podcast, robotics conference, and startup founder event. Extending the
current partnerships with the city could continue to position the city as a leader in the
innovation and technology space.

- Productivity. Hire Henry is able to increase mowing productivity by 4X while saving the
city 20% of mowing costs per year at scale.

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