Detection of the occurrence of increased sensitivity to environmental conditions (thermal, visual, acoustic, air quality) of people with autism spectrum.
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This survey is conducted in the course of the SENSHOME project. In this project, a new smart home design to support autonomy and self-reliance of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will be developed. A smart sensor network (microphones, temperature sensors, light sensors) should be implemented as normal as possible to recognize critical events, improve the comfort and well-being (regulation of room conditions like temperature, humidity or acoustics) and improve energy savings. In the development process of the smart home design concept, different environments – private houses and flats or assisted living – will be considered. The survey has been prepared by Free University of Bozen who is responsible for it.
Collected personal data in the framework of this survey will be anonymized and used only project internal for scientific purposes. The project team is bound to confidentiality. All data is handled in accordance with the provisions of general data protection regulation. Any questions or other requests can be adressed to, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, at any time. The Free University of Bozen will be the data repository.
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If you are a parent or a caregiver filling in about the perception of a person with Autism Spectrum, please always keep in mind the reaction and sensitivity of this person and always referring to him/her. If you are responsible of more than one person with autism it is possible to fill more than one questionnaire.
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