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Please use the form below to submit your field request for practice or game.

Practice field rental - up to 2 hours - $25
Day game rental - up to 2 hours - $40/game
Night game rental - up to 2 hours with lights - $60/game
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Field Descriptions
Field 1 - Harkins Yard - (Grass infield, 60 or 70 ft bases, 200 ft fences)
Field 2 (Grass infield, 60 or 70 ft bases, 200 ft fences)
Field 3 (Pitching Machine Field, 60 ft bases, 180 fences)
Field 4 (Tee Ball Field)
Field 5 (Full size field, 90 ft bases, 325 ft fences)
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Terms, Conditions, and Requirements
Payment Requirements: Balance due 3 days prior to the event. Additional charges may be incurred and the Renter billed following the event if terms of the rental agreement change after initial payment is received by Fruitland Little League.

Additional Requirements:

1. All Fruitland Little League policies and codes of conduct will be followed during usage of the facilities.
2. All garbage and other items will be cleaned up from the field and surrounding areas and deposited into the proper receptacles.
3. All Fruitland Little League equipment and facilities will be returned to the same or better condition as they were found.

4. Requestor is responsible for damage to facility that occurs during rental or for any clean-up required after the rental.
5. The requestor or requestor’s organization agrees to, if requested, provide proof of public liability insurance with minimum limits of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) personal injury, and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) property damage.
6. Requestor must provide a schedule of activities, tournament bracket, and all game times at least 48 hours before the rental begins.
7. Fruitland Little League retains exclusive rights to all food concessions.
8. Requestor must not transfer the rental to anyone without the written consent of Fruitland Little League.
9. Requestor accepts the facility “AS IS”.
10. Requestor releases Fruitland Little League from all claims against Fruitland Little League arising from the use of the facility and assumes all risks associated with the rental. Requestor must indemnify Fruitland Little League against all claims arising from the Requestors use of Fruitland Little League’s fields.
11. Requestor is responsible for daily COVID-19 screening of all attendees at the event including but not limited to participants, spectators, staff, officials/umpires, EMS, and athletic trainers.
12. Any additional cleaning and sanitizing costs that arise due to COVID-19 that are related to the event will be the responsibility of the requestor.
13. It is the requestor’s responsibility to follow all COVID-19 guidelines recommended by the CDC, State of Maryland and Wicomico County.
14. Requestor must comply with all applicable laws.
15. Any breach of the conditions may result in the termination of rights to use the facilities at the discretion of Fruitland Little League.
16. Please keep a copy of this agreement during usage of the field

Understanding and Signature. Requestor has been provided a copy of this agreement and has made the members of its organization familiar with Fruitland Little League’s policies for its facilities. Requestor accepts full responsibility on behalf of its organization for the use of Fruitland Little League’s facilities and for any damages to them.
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