Q2 - Online Tutoring Request
Waiākea High School's Resource Room offers virtual tutoring for any WHS enrolled student via Google Meet during non-class times on school days. To avoid any miscommunication, we ask that parents not complete this form for their child; the request for tutoring must be submitted by the student using their Waiākea High School gmail!

Tutoring is offered every day from Monday through Friday. For more information, please refer to the Tutor Schedule on the main page of our website (https://whsresourceroom.weebly.com). You may fill out the following form to request individual assistance for any subject. We look forward to serving you!

Please note: This form will need to be filled out each time you request a tutoring session.

An email confirmation will be sent by one of the tutors, which you must reply to within 24 hours. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours to confirm your scheduled tutor session, your time slot may be given to another student. If you cannot make your scheduled time, please notify the tutors as soon as possible so that time slot may become available to other students.
Student Legal Name (first and last name) *
What is your Waiākea HS email? *
After submitting this form, you will receive an email from a tutor, so please be sure to check your email and respond to confirm that tutoring session within 24 hours. If not, your requested time slot may be given to another student.
What grade are you in? *
What subject(s) do you need tutoring in? *
Please list any specific topic(s) and/or assignment(s) that you will need help in.
You may list the particular class you need tutoring in (i.e. Algebra 2, British Literature, AP Environmental Science, etc.).
Specify the date on which you wish to be tutored. *
Please be sure that the date you select has not already passed.
Select the time that you wish to be tutored. *
Be sure to check that the time you select is offered for the date you have selected. See the tutor schedule below for the available time slots. Also, keep in mind that virtual tutoring sessions may be a max of 30 minutes long.
2nd Qtr Tutor Schedule
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