How can we build a 21st Century Labour Party? 🌹
Politics is at a turning point. The recent European and local elections have sent shockwaves through our political system. With the two main parties in crisis now is the time to rethink.

The structures of the Labour Party were forged in the 19th century at the heart of an industrial revolution, now as we face a 21st Century technological revolution they must again be remade. This cannot be done solely from the top of our party or within our existing organisational structures which time after time have failed to open up the space to imagine something different.

This change can only come from the bottom up and through the actions of activists within our party. We must create new spaces and new ways for our movement to come together to have these vital conversations.

This form is one of those spaces so please fill it in, tell us your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Please do also share it among your networks. The more people that contribute, the bigger and broader the vision is of what our party could be.

This is part of a process of online and in person discussion within our movement if you'd like to see where we're up to, you can check out our open google doc here -->
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