Transitioning Request Form 2022-2023
This form is for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming students at Cal to request transition related supplies, to be ordered by and provided to them by the Queer Alliance Resource Center. These funds are intended to help trans+ students who may otherwise be limited by financial concerns achieve their ideal presentation.

QARC has binders from gc2b, ranging from size XS-2XL, in all nude shades, half and full tank, in the Cecilia Chung Resource Center (HFA A15), for anyone to try on. Feel free to check those out, and let them inform your requests.

UPDATE 10/25/2021: Our Transition Supply Fund is back in person, so you can visit Hearst Field Annex A15 for try-ons. Please contact Jonathan Flores  ( to schedule a try-on!

Supplies you can request include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: binders, breast forms, bras, packers, STPs (stand to pee devices), tucking underwear, other underwear, wigs, makeup, razors, shaving cream/foam, hair removal tools, and over the counter transition related medications or medical supplies.
Please contact with any questions!

Here are some cool sites that sell transition-related supplies and other gender affirming items: (binders) (packers, STPs, etc) (body-safe tape for binding and tucking) (gender neutral underwear for folks who have periods) (packing underwear) (packers, STPs, etc) (breast forms, packers, STPs, etc) (STPs, binders, packers, etc) (packers, packing underwear, binders, gender neutral apparel) (gender neutral clothing) (binders, gender neutral clothing) (binders, tucking underwear, gender neutral apparel) & (gender neutral swimwear)

UPDATE 1/18/20: We've gotten several requests for makeup, and we want to emphasize that these funds are meant to be used towards transition supplies, in this case makeup used to achieve your ideal gender presentation. There are no strict rules regarding what can be requested and you do not have to explain how your request relates to your transition/gender presentation, as everyone's transition looks different and no one is under any obligation to perform to the standards of their gender identity if they choose not to, we just ask that you take into account the goals of our transition funds and operate on an honor system when placing your request.
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What would you like QARC to order for you? Include a link if you have any specific products you would like, or just be as specific as you can. You can request multiple items. *
ex. "black half binder, size M, racerback style, from gc2b" or "" is better than "black binder"
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