Rien K-T — Writing and Art Commission Form
Thank you for choosing me to work on your project! My commitment is to making the ordering process thorough and enjoyable. If, at any point, you are uncertain about one of the fields, feel free to contact me directly at my website (rienkt.com).



Q: Do I have to complete every single field?

A: Please fill out as much as possible. Only the fields with a red star are required, but the more information I have, the better I can complete your order. If I have any additional questions, I will contact you at the email address provided.

Q: How do I make multiple orders at once?

A: This form is able to handle orders with multiple projects. Feel free to choose everything you'd like in one order.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: At this time, I can only accept PayPal. I will send an invoice to the provided email as soon as your order has been confirmed.

Q: I would like to edit/publish the product I received. Is that allowed?

A: For all services, you obtain full rights to the piece once it is delivered. You may use it commercially and make any adjustments you see fit. Crediting me is a kind gesture, but you have no obligation to do so. I also ask that if the piece is transformed after delivery (particularly the intent/message) that I am no longer credited as the author.

Q: I am unable to pay for the piece after ordering. Is there any way I can receive a refund?

A: Unfortunately, once I begin working on an order, I can no longer refund the full amount. Please contact me as soon as possible, and I can work with you to provide a partial refund depending on how much of the work is complete. I am empathetic to unexpected bills postponing a project. Let me know if you would like to place an order on hold or you would like to purchase smaller segments to better fit your budget.

Q: I need an order ASAP! Do you do rushed delivery?

A: Depending on my current queue, rushed deliveries may or may not be possible. I will always try to accommodate your schedule when possible. Contact me in advance and, for a premium fee, I can place your project higher in the queue.

Q: Is there anything you won't draw/write?

A: I try to keep an open-mind to most subject matter. I create art to provide entertainment (even if I don't personally find a piece entertaining). That said, any piece with the intent to slander a real-life person/group of people or that promotes real-life violence/hatred is not something I wish to put into the world. It should also go without saying that I can not deliver anything that is illegal by U.S. law.

Q: Are all of your deliveries digital? How can I receive a physical copy?

A: At this time, I only offer digital deliveries. Check back in the future for potential art prints and more!


Contact Information:

Website: rienkt.com
Instagram: rienkt
Discord: RienK-T#4054
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