Signup Form to be Prayed for
The following form is intended for parents to sign up their college student, youth, or child to have someone pray for them on a consistent basis. It's a very short form and we are limiting the amount of information we initially receive in order to sign people up more quickly. Also, as a parent, you will be informed as to who will be praying for your child in the event that you would like to contact them for special requests. Any pertinent information you fill is needed, please share that in the comments below. Parents, please fill out this form for each child that you are requesting prayer for.

If you are a youth or a college student, please fill out the information below as well. Be sure and include your name as the person requesting to be prayed for. You will also be informed as to who your prayer mentor is.
Name (the person who wants to be prayed for) *
Name of Parents *
Email (Parent's Email)
Email (Youth or College Student's Email if applicable)
Address (Family) *
Phone number (Parent's Phone) *
Phone number (Youth/College Student's Phone) *
Age of the Person being Prayed for *
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