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SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY, PLEASE. Please be as thorough as possible when filling out this application. This is done through honesty and transparency and will ultimately result in the best possible outcome and long term success.
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If you rent do you have the permission of your landlord to have a dog - and are there any breed restrictions? Please provide the name and contact information for your landlord. (If you own you property, please write "Not Applicable".) *
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Are there any nearby schools or children living next door to you? (We ask this because some dogs are very fearful of children or the sounds of nearby children.) *
Do you have a fully fenced yard? *
If so, what kind of fence do you have and what is the height of the fence? (If you do not have a fence, please write "Not Applicable".) *
If you do not have a fence, please explain how you plan to keep your Lucky Dog safe when going outside for potty breaks, exercise, etc. (If you have a fence, please write "Not Applicable".) *
Does anyone in your household have known allergies to dogs? *
Does anyone in your household smoke? If yes, do they smoke inside of the house? *
How many pets currently live in the house? *
Please also list what kind of pet, the ages of the pets, and how long they have been apart of your family. *
Are your pets spayed or neutered? *
Are your pets on heartworm preventative? *
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If you currently have pets, please provide which veterinarian you use and their phone number: *
Please agree to contact your vet to give permission for Lucky Dog Refuge to request information and past records. *
Where will your new Lucky Dog sleep? *
Where will your Lucky Dog be when you have to leave the house? *
Do you or your partner work? If so, please explain how many hours/day on average would your dog be left home alone. *
In the event that you had to move, would your dog be moving with you? (We believe adopting a dog is a commitment to the dog for the entirety of their lifespan.) *
Have you had any pets previously? If yes, please explain what kind of pets and what happened to these pets. *
Have you ever had to give a pet away? Or have you ever surrendered a pet to an animal shelter or other such organization? If yes, please explain in "other": *
How long do you to you expect it to take for your dog to adjust to its new home environment? *
If your Lucky Dog is not currently house trained, how long do you foresee it taking to house train your new companion? *
Please explain the methods of training that you plan to use to deter chewing, jumping, chasing, or any other bad habits your new pet may develop in the future. *
Are you planning or willing to take your rescue to formal training, if needed? *
Please describe the activity level of your family and how your new companion will be joining in on your everyday activities. *
Why did you choose to apply for this Lucky Dog? (If you are applying for a certain dog.) *
If the dog you are applying for does have special needs, please describe how your home is equipped to handle these special needs. (If the dog does not have special needs, please write "Not Applicable".) *
Please provide the names and contact information for three personal references that we may contact on your behalf. *
If you are selected as a potential adopter, Lucky Dog Refuge will first have to conduct a home visit (without the dog) as part of the application process. Are you comfortable with this? *
Lucky Dog Refuge would then follow up the home visit with a short meet and greet with the dog. Are you comfortable with this? *
Have you reviewed the adoption process as listed on the Lucky Dog Refuge website and do you understand that if an finalized adoption does not work out, the dog MUST be returned to Lucky Dog Refuge and the fee will not be refunded? *
Thank you for applying for one of our Lucky Dogs! Please keep in mind that we may receive multiple applications for one dog and also need to make sure the applicant and the dog is a good fit. Do you understand that by filling out this application you are hoping for but not guaranteed a Lucky Dog? *
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Thank you for applying for a Lucky Dog! We will review your application carefully and get back to you with questions or feedback; we appreciate your patience as we process all the applications. We are grateful for your support!
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