Submission form for Dirty Queer, Virtual edition
If you are interested in being part of the performance list for Dirty Queer on March 13, 2021, you need to submit your work for consideration via this form.

Rules: 5 mins or less (longer with advance permission); content must be about queer sex, sexuality and/or gender; everyone involved (literally or figuratively) must be of legal age and consenting; content warnings should be given for content that is extra intense (ex: blood, age play, heavy pain play, things like that. ask if you're not sure).

This event will not be first come/first serve but instead will be curated with priority given to QTPOC, folks with disabilities, and other marginalized identities. Some of the questions below are intended to help me identify folks with privilege to help with that curation process.

Deadline: February 20, 2021

If you have questions or concerns, email Sossity:
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Are you 18 or older? *
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I reserve the right to cut short any performance that includes hate speech or lack of consent at any point. Do you understand the content parameters and agree to them? *
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Do you identify as queer? *
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Do you have class privilege? *
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Please describe your performance below. If any words are involved (poetry, prose, song, storytelling, etc.), send them to me at with Dirty Queer Zoom edition submission as the subject line. *
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