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Rockwood Farmers' Market
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PRODUCT DETAILS: Please describe all products that you plan to sell. NOTE: if you wish later to add a product, you must provide a revised list in writing and receive written OK from organisers prior to selling.
ATTENDANCE: Please check below how often you wish to attend. DATES & LOCATION: The 2021 season will run Wednesdays from 4-7 PM, rain or shine, from June 9th to Oct. 6th ( for a total of 18 weeks), at Rockmosa Park, 120 Rockmosa Drive, in Rockwood. STALL SPACE: One Market stall space is approx. 10’x10’, with no hydro. Please contact us if your stall requirements are different.
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Dates & Deposit
NOTE: Returning Vendors have until Feb 15th to indicate intention to return, their space will be held with deposit, before opening up to new vendors. New Vendors will be considered after Feb. 15th.

DEPOSIT: No money is due with this application. Upon acceptance into the RFM, we will require a deposit to hold your spot ($100 for full time, $50 for half time, $25 for part time, non-refundable), with the balance of fees due by April 1st for Early Bird Rate, or otherwise by June 1st, 2021, or before your first Market day.
Below you will find some of the key vendor responsibilities for the 2021 Season. You can see or download the full Rockwood Farmers’ Market Handbook of Rules and Regulations at:
Application and fee payment: All Vendors must maintain an up-to-date Application Form on file with the Rockwood Farmers’ Market. All fees must be paid prior to attending your first market.

Products: The Rockwood Farmers’ Market is a true Farmers’ Market (51% or more Primary Producers). Vendors are responsible for providing a detailed list of all products to be sold at the Market, as part of their application, so that we may maintain the balance of vendors and reduce or plan for any overlap between vendors. Vendors wishing to add to or change their list must inform the Market in writing, and wait until written approval is received before selling, displaying or sampling any new product. Farm products, food, and handmade items being sold at Market must be grown or made by the vendor. Anything that is not must be agreed upon in writing prior to being sold at Market. It must also be clearly identified by signage to indicate who grew/made it.

Food Safety: Farmers and Vendors of any food item must complete the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Farmers’ Market Food Vendor Form (ideally done 30 days prior to attending the Market). All vendors handling food products must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness and abide by the appropriate health and safety regulations. Food sampling must have prior approval from the Market Organiser.

Permits, Regulations and Compliance: All products being sold at the market must comply with applicable Provincial and Federal regulations regarding labeling, measures, health and safety, etc. Vendors are responsible for obtaining any and all required licenses, permits, inspections and certification for the products they will be selling. Furthermore, vendors must fully comply with the terms of the Rockwood Farmers’ Market as outlined in the Handbook of Rules and Regulations. Failure to do so may be grounds for termination of the Vendor Agreement.

Insurance: The Rockwood Farmers’ Market carries basic Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance through Farmers’ Markets Ontario, however any additional insurance coverage is the responsibility of the individual vendor. The Rockwood Farmers’ Market bears no responsibility for any vendor property at the market. Wineries, Cideries & Storefront Commercial Vendors are required to provide The Rockwood Farmers’ Market with a Certificate of Insurance from their insurance company listing The Officers & Directors of Farmers’ Markets Ontario and The Rockwood Farmers’ Market as Additional Insured.

Punctuality: If unable to attend on a given Market Day, vendors are asked to notify the Market Manager ASAP. Vendors are to complete stall set up by 3:45pm. Vendors are expected to keep their booths/stalls open until 7pm. Vendors are asked not to begin tear down until after 7pm, unless planned ahead of time in consultation with the Market Manager. Vendors must pack up immediately after 7pm and clear the area by 8pm.

Loading/unloading/parking: Vendor loading/unloading and vendor parking is permitted in designated areas only. Market Manager will direct unloading and parking.

Displays: Each vendor’s business name and contact information must be prominently displayed.Vendors must provide their own display materials. Furthermore all tents, shade structures, canopies, products and display materials shall be adequately and safely secured from wind in a manner that does not cause damage to the park infrastructure, using adequate counterweight from specially designed sand bags, or blocks.

Waste: Stalls must be kept clean, and at the end of the Market day, vendors must take away all waste that they produce and ensure that the area around their stall is free from litter.

Smoking: Smoking is NOT permitted in or near the stall areas, or anywhere on the Market site.
I have read, and can abide by the above key vendor responsibilities. *
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Thank you for your application! If you have any further questions, please e-mail or text or call 226-337-4343. Otherwise, we'll be in touch as soon as we can to let you know whether we have a space for you at the Market this summer.
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