Rock the Rim - Jenks High School - 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Registration- 2019
Event Timing: Saturday, April 6th, 2019 8:00am start; Should finish no later than 3pm.
Event Address: Jenks Middle School Gym
Contact us at (918)884-5531 or

$100/TEAM. 3-5 players per team
Early bird special: Sign up and pay by March 27th for $75/TEAM
3 games guaranteed. Pool play in morning. Single elimination in brackets following.

No more than two High School Varsity Jenks basketball players on a team for Boys divisions 9-12 grade.

Registration ends at 5pm Tuesday, April 2nd for play.
Guaranteed T-shirt if registered by Friday, March 15th by 5pm

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Rules (subject to change) - Official rules will be sent to Team Captain the night before, brackets will be posted Saturday morning
1. Officiating: All games are self-officiated. The two teams involved should mediate
questions of judgment. Please see court manager if excessive fouls occur.
2. Team Make-up: Each team may contain no less than 3 players and no more than 5. If
more than 3 players are on a team they can be substituted in during any stoppage in play.
3. Scoring: The first team to 11 points (by 1s) wins. The Winner must win by 2 points or be
the first team to 15 points, which ever comes first. Running clock for 13 minutes.
4. Game Play:
a. Possession changes after every basket (NOT “make it-take it”)
b. If 3-point line exists, all shots behind it are worth 2 points.
c. “Take Backs”: On defensive rebounds and steals, the ball
must be passed or dribbled beyond the arc. The ball does not need to be given to a
different player. As long as the ball goes beyond the arc, there are no limitations
on who can shoot it.
d. If the ball is knocked out of bounds or goes across the mid court line it shall be
awarded to the opposing team (the team that did not knock it out).
e. The offensive team must “pass the ball in” before a shot is attempted (make one
pass before a shot is taken).
f. Out-Of-Bounds. If the ball goes out-of-bounds the offensive team must check the
ball with the defensive team at the top of the key.
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Payment $100 to Jenks Basketball Booster Club, $75 if before March 27th(check or online) *
Payment online instructions include: Create guest login under Employee and Guest Accounts; Click on Items at All Schools; Click on High School; Click on Jenks High School/Alternative Ctr; Click on Basketball Booster Club; Buy; Checkout; Enter Team name, Give payment information.
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