~ Salihah Central's *Weekend Bees* ~ Sunday School Registration Form (2018-19)


Assalaamu alaykum, Dear Parents!

Salihah Central is excited to announce that registration for the "Weekend Bees" Sunday School is now open for the 2018-19 academic year! This program is designed for Muslim youth entering Kg through 7th grades (ages 6-13).

Weekend Bees classes will be held on Sundays from 10:00am to 1:15pm at IQRA International Educational Foundation located at 7450 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077.

The fee for the full academic year is $450 per child. All student fees are used to pay for the space, materials and supplies needed to run the Weekend Bees program. Salihah Central subsidizes the costs of the program as needed and does not make any profit from student fees. All fees are due in full by the first day of class. Payments can be sent by Chase QuickPay to salihahcentral.finance@gmail.com. Checks can be mailed to:

Salihah Central NFP
6234 N. Paulina St
Chicago, IL 60660

Please include "Weekend Bees Sunday School" and your child's name in the subject line of your payment. Please email salihahcentral.finance@gmail.com if you need to arrange a payment plan.

Some important dates to remember for the start of the year:

September 9th 10am - 1:15pm - First day of school

If you have any other questions, please send an email to salihah.central@gmail.com. Please fill out a separate registration form below for each child.

JazakumAllahu khayr!

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