Welcome to The Fit for Life Crew!
I’m so happy you've taken this next step into coaching! I know that becoming a new coach is SO exciting, but can also seem overwhelming. So please just remember that everyone started as a new coach at one point. We've ALL been there and I am here for you as you begin this exciting journey toward your personal and business goals. This is YOUR story, and you have the ability to make this journey as BIG as you want it to be. While I am your mentor coach, YOU are the CEO of your business! You already possess the majority of what it takes to be an inspiring coach! The other details will be taught to you, by me! I will be with you every step of the way! :)

FIRST, you will complete this New Coach Welcome Form. I will introduce you into the team Facebook pages (my team page -Hustlers Dynasty and our ‘Grandmother’ team page- The Inspiration Crew) so you are plugged into ALL of our community! Your main focus should still be YOUR personal journey!

SECOND, you're going to go through a New Coach Training that will show you how to start SHARING your journey! It'll go into how to announce you're a coach, how to invite others to join a challenge group that you co-host with me, social media tips, personal development, power hour/daily coach tasks, goals, etc. The New Coach Training that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know as a new coach, so you can be as successful as you wish to be!

Here are first new coach goals we will be working on over the next 4 weeks:

1. Getting/Staying on Track w/ your Health & Fitness Goals!
2. Gaining Confidence!
3. Getting the Cost of your Shakeology Paid For By Helping People!
4. Earning Success Club!
5. Achieving Emerald Rank!

You are joining my team as well as a 2x ELITE TOP TEN coaching team out of 400,000 teams out there in our network! This means we are in the top 0.001% of all coaching teams! We have proven steps, training, and systems that work as long as you work and utilize them! I am your mentor, coach and friend through it all BUT I’m not your boss. This is YOUR business and we want to remove the training wheels in order for you can continue to grow with confidence. :)

PLEASE COMPLETE this New Coach Welcome Form and questions within the NEXT 24-72 HOURS. The form does not "save" but you can keep it open on your computer while finishing.

When you submit the form, you and I will schedule a Getting Started Right Call (with either a phone call or video conference on www.zoom.us) to answer any questions and set goals to get you started in your business!

Then, you'll be ready to move onto the New Coach Training website. Access information is at the bottom of this form, so save it!

Again, I am SO EXCITED to have you join us, and look forward to getting to know you better as we continue on this coaching journey together! Let's get started!

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